Setting Styles

diamondIt refers to the metal base which holds a diamond/s stone in place.
diamondDifferent setting styles are created to enhance the beauty of the diamond/s and the appearance of the jewelry piece.

What are the Different Types of Setting Styles?

Cut Rate Diamonds make use of expert setting techniques to set and secure your diamonds, turning them into astounding piece of jewelry. Have a look at some of the styles here:

solit1  Solitaire: A Simple but elegant band that contains no side stones. The solitaire is the most commonly used setting. ;
 prong  Prong: The prong is the most popular setting. A prong is a narrow piece of metal that folds over the edge of the gemstone to secure it. A prong setting appears to elevate a stone higher than in other settings, and is used most often with diamond solitaires.
 invisible  Invisible Set: Invisible setting is relatively new. Calibrated stones with slits are placed into a frame with ridges to hold them in place. No metal appears between any stones. This setting only employs baguettes and princess cuts or a combination of both.
 channel  Channel Set: Smaller stones are closely set in a row between two metal walls. No metal appears between the stones. Channel settings often include square and baguette stones. They are frequently used in engagement bands or as side accents to a center stone.
 bezel  Bezel Set: A stone set in a Bezel mounting will have a rim of metal completely circling and supporting the center Stone.
 pave  Pavé Set: The word actually comes from the French word to pave because of its paved look. The round stones are patterned very closely together and the only metal visible is what is actually used to hold the stones in place.

What Setting Style Will be Perfect?

While selecting a diamond design, the style of setting is a very important factor to determine the exact shape and pattern of a jewelry design.
Each setting style holds the diamond in the jewelry design in a certain way. The selection will depend on various factors like carat weight, clarity, cut, color of diamond. The color of the metal being used for setting will also affect your choice.

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