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We offer highly competitive prices for your loose or mounted diamonds and jewelry. If you are looking to sell your diamond or trade it in for a larger one, you have come to the right place! Complete the form below with as much detailed information about your diamond, and one of our gemologists will analyze and determine an offer price. We will contact you via e-mail within 24 hours with a quote. If you agree to accept our offer, an instruction sheet, sales contract, and prepaid insured air bill will be e-mailed to you. Once your package is received by us, our gemologist will confirm the quality and condition of your diamond. Barring any discrepancies, a check will be mailed to you for the agreed amount. If for any reason we decide not to purchase your stone, it will be returned to you via overnight insured delivery.

How To Sell Your Diamonds?

Along with buying your diamonds online, you can also sell diamonds online from the comfort of your home to Cut Rate Diamonds.

When selling your diamond(s) to us, you just need to keep the following things in mind:
Step 1 - Fill in our valuation form with complete detail of the diamond you want to sell
Step 2 – Receive our quote through email or phone within 24 hours
Step 3 – If you accept our offer, we send you instruction sheet, sales contract along with prepaid insured air via email
Step 4 – Ship us your diamond(s)
Step 5 – Our gemologists will check for the quality and condition of your diamond(s), if approved, a check will be mailed to you for the agreed amount.

Why To Sell Your Diamonds?

How often do you confront the question; how do I sell my diamond? If you do, answer is easy, know your diamond inside out and sell it online. Sell diamonds with confidence online at Cut Rate diamonds. Below are four tips for selling your diamond jewelry online:

More Cash in Exchange

Our specialty is on one are, and therefore we save on the running cost which we can easily pass on to our customers.


With Cut Rate Diamonds, you can sell jewelry without ever having to move out of the house. And you will not need to negotiate, since you’ll receive the highest possible offer.


Dealing with us, you are working with a reputable business and can be assured of your diamond fetching the best sale proceed.

Helpful Return Policy

We have a time frame in which you can have your diamond returned in case you happen to change your mind.

Why Sell A Diamond Online at Cut Rate Diamonds?

At Cut Rate Diamonds, we provide you with highly competitive prices for your mounted or loose diamonds. So, if you are looking to sell your diamond or are looking to trade it for a bigger one; you can simply fill in the form above, and one of our gemologists will analyze and will contact you within 24 hours with a quote.