Ring Inscription

Customize Your Engagement Ring or Wedding band with an Inscription that lasts forever!

Engraving wedding rings with meaningful phrases is a romantic way of personalizing a ring, and sending a special message to your loved one.We use precise machine engravings on all of our rings and each ring will accommodate aproximately 25 characters. You can choose to use Print, script, bold, or italic for your message. The font size will vary based on the width of your ring.Many People like to go simple with the proposal or wedding date like this “I Love You 1-15-09″. Others like to be humorous and inscribe the nick names you call each other.
Whether your inscription is deeply moving and sentimental, or romantically warm and playful, your words will serve as a joyful reminder of your love and friendship every moment the ring is worn.

1).Your Name:

2).Phone Number:


4).Your Inscription Message:

5).Special Instructions:

6).Should we include quotation marks on your inscription?

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Here are a few ideas for your inscription:


Always And Forever, a line from your vows…, I Love You, Forever Yours, I Promise, Amor Vincit Omnia: in Latin, Love Conquers All., The Infinity Symbol, Eternity Together A Date, Forever And Ever, Love Always, Love Me, My Life, My Love, Nothing Else Matters, Together Forever, Forever Entwined, With You Always, ani lidodi ulidodi li (in hebrew font).


May The Force Be With Us, A deal’s a deal, Nonrefundable, A Perfect Fit

If you have any questions please call us toll free at 866 866-9920 or email sales@CutRateDiamonds.com .