Laser Inscriptions

inscriptionAt your request, a diamond 1/4 CTS and larger may be microscopically inscribed on its girdle with its unique Certificate Report Number, a personal message, or other text. We can also inscribe symbols and logos. An inscription allows for easy identification of a diamond, and a way to personalize the diamond.

The laboratories do not automatically inscribe every stone submitted. Generally diamonds over 3/4 CTS are not inscribed since they are more easily discernable from one another. The laser inscription is more common in smaller diamonds since they can be more easily mistaken.

Many customers like to have the peace of mind knowing that there stone has an inscription so in the future if their rings ever needs to be serviced they can be confident that they will receive the proper stone back. Based on the diamonds unique attributes such as weight, color, clarity, measurements, etc. there are no two stones that are exactly identical. Any trained gemologist will be able to confirm that a diamond matches its accompanying certification report. Therefore, a laser inscription in no way adds or detracts value to a diamond.

If the stone you are considering is not etched with the certificate number we can easily have the stone inscribed at the following rates:

  • Certificate Report Number Only: $75.00
  • Updated Laminated GIA Certificate : $200.00 (Please allow two weeks to complete).
  • Personalized Message up to fifteen characters: $100.00
  • Logo inscription and personalized message: $250.00. Please email us your logo template.