diamondOne of the most important criterion while purchasing a diamond.
diamondIt decides over how the jewelry will appear after getting the desired diamond shape fixed.
diamondEach shape specifically caters to an individual or personal taste.

How to Choose Best Diamond Shape For Yourself?

Have a look at the top 10 shapes available at Cut Rate Diamonds:


  1. ROUND BRILLIANT: This is one of the cleanest, classic, versatile and sparkling shapes of diamonds. Moreover, it is admired all across the globe with a proven fact that it accounts for more than half of the diamonds sold.

  2. PRINCESS: Next, comes the brilliant Princess cut which is well known for its classic and elegant shape. With its sharp corners, forming the contemporary edges this shape is ideal way to capture the brilliance.

  3. EMERALD: For those who love to own the vintage glamour and old world charm, Emerald is absolute choice for them. Even style icons like Grace Kelly, Jackie O and many others are fond of this amazing shape.

  4. ASSCHER: This rectangular shape brings forth timeless elegance and that cool look, which you have been wondering for. With tremendous luster, it offers a fascinating optical illusion better known as the “Hall of Mirrors” effect.

  5. PEAR: This shape will remind you of the ring Elizabeth Taylor received from her husband Richard Burton. With one rounded and one pointed end, its unique and one of the bets feminine shapes.

  6. RADIANT: It is a rectangular-shaped hybrid cut with perfect blend of depth of the round, emerald and princess cuts. Radiant shape offers highest brilliance of all the squared shapes available making it both a stunning and dramatic choice.

  7. OVAL: If you don’t wish to go with crowd buying round brilliant and the pear shape, then this oval cut is ideally made for you. Savor the sparkle of the round shape in a more elongated form with oval shape.

  8. CUSHION: As the name suggests, it is a square or rectangular shape with curved corners. It is one of the rarer and unique choices.

  9. HEART: It is best choice for those romantic moments of your life like engagement or wedding. Heart shape expresses your feeling in the most beautiful way.

  10. MARQUISE: Another perfect shape for maximizing the carat weight by highlighting the size of the diamond. This unique shape creates the effect of longer, more slender hands and fingers.

Which Diamond Cut Is Ideal?

Ranging from marvelous marquise cut diamonds to the all-time favorite round brilliant shape diamonds, we have everything. The choice completely depends on the customers taste and the budget.

Cut Rate diamond offers an assortment of diamond jewelry and if you wish to get styled in your own way, we provide with high quality diamonds too.