diamond One of the most defining characteristics of a diamond
diamond It determines the symmetry, overall proportions and the ability to reflect light for a diamond.
diamond A professionally-cut diamond offers high levels of brilliance, sparkle and durability.

What are the Different Types of Cut or Cut Grades?

  • Ideal Cut: A feature of high quality diamonds. It is well-proportioned and carefully angled. Also, a diamond with an ideal cut reflects nearly all light that enters, offering a luminous appearance.

  • Shallow Cut: Instead of reflecting the light off to the top, it allows light to escape from the sides. So, a diamond with shallow cut creates an illusion of a large stone but with less brilliance and sparkle.

  • Deep Cut: The diamonds with dull and muted appearance are said to have a deep cut. Either these are too shallow and wide or too deep and narrow. In any of the cases, the light is poorly reflected causing dullness.

Diamond Cut Porportion

Which Diamond Shape Sparkle the Most?

Some opt for ‘Round’ and some for ‘Asscher’. But, it is really hard to say which sparkles the most as it depends on the quality of cut. The answer to this question can be explained better with these three terms;

  • Brightness: The internal and external white light which is reflected from a diamond constitutes to amount of brightness produced.

  • Fire: It is the scattering of white light into the beautiful 7 colors of the rainbow

  • Scintillation: It is the sparkle produced by a diamond, with the pattern of light and dark areas due to the reflections caused by light entering within the diamond.


Which is the Ideal Cut For Me?

Undoubtedly, a diamond with an ideal cut exhibits better light reflecting properties, resulting in greater fire and brilliance.

But, one thing you need to know while considering the cut for a diamond is that the quality of the cut has a significant impact on its value.

So, the choice of cut will greatly depend on your budget. While the improperly cut diamonds will be cheaper than the ideal ones, but they will have less visual appeal and a decreased value.

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