diamondIt is one of the fundamental attributes of a diamond and refers to how “white” a stone is.
diamondDiamonds are color graded according to the GIA color scale.
diamondScale measures grades from D to Z; D is rated as the colorless and most expensive.
diamondCut Rate Diamonds offer diamonds in a color range from D to K; not below it.

What is a Diamond Color?

Color is a major quality factor among the 4C’s of Diamond, i.e. ClarityCarat Weight and Cut.

Diamonds are found in many colors;

  1. Some are colorless which are rarely found and expensive.
  2. Others, available with tints of yellow or brown are not so costly.

What is the Diamond Color Scale?

The GIA color scale is trusted worldwide for determining the color of a diamond. Cut Rate Diamonds offers GIA certified diamonds and follow the same color scale.

The Color Grading Scale starts with the alphabet D and ends at Z. However, we tend to serve our customers with the high quality diamonds and therefore, we serve diamonds in the range of D to K only.

Cut Rate Diamonds Color Chart

What Color is Right for Me?

The selection of the diamond color will depend on the customer’s choice completely. And yes, the budget will also affect your choice.

Have a look at the color grades you can select from:

  • COLOR D: It is the highest color grade attribute for a diamond. A diamonds with D grade is completely colorless (white).
  • COLOR EIf you are not an expert, the difference between D and E diamond will not be visible to you. It is also colorless.
  • COLOR FIt falls lowest in the class of premium (colorless) diamonds.
  • COLOR GFrom the grade G, starts the range of nearly colorless diamonds. There is a slight color difference from the premium category.
  • COLOR HAnother nearly colorless diamond, which may appear white to you. But, when compared with the premium category, the difference is visible to the naked eye.
  • COLOR I: These diamonds are very slightly tinted. But, if set appropriately in jewelry, it may appear colorless.
  • COLOR J: Diamonds of J grade are slightly come with a yellow tint and they are best used with yellow gold.
  • COLOR K: Another yellow tinted diamonds which are made especially for yellow gold.
  • COLOR K – Z: Cut Rate Diamonds offers only stones in the higher range of D-K. We believe in delivering quality diamonds and diamonds with grades from L to Z are lower clarity grades.

How Do Prices Vary According To Colors?

The color grades have a great effect on the total cost of diamonds.

  • While the D grade diamonds are extremely rare and command the highest prices.
  • In the premium category, E and F graded stones are slightly cheaper.
  • For those who are looking for nearly colorless diamonds and offer excellent value for money, can opt for G and H grades.
  • If you want diamond with yellow gold, I and J can offers the best value for money with colorless effect.
  • To fit ideally in the smaller budgets, K grade diamonds are a great option, providing fantastic value for money.

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