Item Name : Half-Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she106

Price : $5400

Item Name : 4 Prong Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she102

Price : $5400

Item Name : Half-Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she105

Price : $5400

Item Name : 18K 5CTW 4 Prong Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she101

Price : $6000

Item Name : 18 K 3CTW Half-Bezel Princess Cut Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she103

Price : $6600

Item Name : 18K 7 CTW 2 Prong Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she100

Price : $6840

Item Name : 18K 7CTW Bezel Set Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she104

Price : $7200

Item Name : 18K 8.35CTW 3 Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she107

Price : $7470

Item Name : 7 CTW Unique Design Tennis Bracelet

Stock ID : she108

Price : $9180

Tennis Bracelets

Buying diamonds is a huge investment and it is no different for diamond tennis bracelets. So, you need to be very sure of the budget and the quality of diamonds that you are going to purchase. We at Cut Rate Diamonds, based in the heart of New York's diamond district, guarantee the best quality of diamonds at most affordable price. So, whether you're out there to buy diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, jewelry tennis bracelet or any other kind of diamond jewelry, we have it all to match your budget and need.

Diamond tennis bracelet or jewelry tennis bracelet may be an expensive bet elsewhere, but with us, you can get these in the best possible shapes, sizes and colors and yet suit your budget, simply because we have a very large collection, which gives us an opportunity to present, tennis bracelets for all budget needs.

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What Is A Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

A diamond tennis bracelet is a thin diamond bracelet which contains symmetrical pattern of various cut diamonds. Tennis bracelets or diamond tennis bracelet gets its name from a tennis player named Chris Evert. In 1987, while playing in the US Open, Evert had been wearing a bracelet, which featured string of individual diamonds. During the match the bracelet accidentally broke and the match was interrupted and stopped to give her time to locate and collect all the diamonds, since that day, bracelets with sting of diamonds or jewelry are called tennis bracelets.

At Cut Rate Diamonds, tennis bracelet is available for men and women. You can pick a tennis bracelet for your need and according to your budget and make a bold statement. If you're going to buy one such bracelet for someone you love or care about, you'll love the look in their eyes when you present it.

Women Diamond Tennis Bracelet

If you looking for a perfect diamond tennis bracelet of the lady love of your life, our collection of women's tennis bracelet is a perfect choice. In our grand collection you will find tennis bracelets of all shapes, sizes that a woman needs in order to maintain her jewelry box. Our diamond tennis bracelets for women are chosen over and over to make sure they are best for the boardroom or the ballroom. So shop for women's diamond tennis bracelets with us and get the most brilliant diamonds placed in platinum, white or yellow gold to match your style.

Diamond Bracelet for Sale with Exclusive Designs and Colors

All our tennis bracelets are handmade and creatively assembled to make sure that you don't go without one of these incredible tennis bracelets. We have amazing diamond tennis bracelets on sale, which are available in some of the most exclusive designs and colors that you won't find elsewhere. Our classic tennis bracelets with lovely timeless diamonds are a must have for every woman.

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