Item Name : 3 CTW Princes Cut Studs

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Item Name : 2 CTW Aquamarine in 14K

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Item Name : 1.00+ CTW Round Studs

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Item Name : Martini Studs 1.00 CTW Round Diamonds 14K

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Item Name : 1 CTW Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

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Item Name : 1 CTW Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

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Item Name : Round 1.50 CTW Studs 14K White Gold

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Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings, a very popular jewelry type is in great demand, among the youngsters today. Stud is the smallest and simplest earring type consisting of jewelry at the front end that can be a diamond, a gemstone or a metal ball and a screw or slip-on back on the other end. Stud earrings earlier were used for ear piercing but today they are used as jewelry for other body parts like tragus, tongue, eyebrow, etc. loose diamond search

Types of Studs:

Jewelry styles change with the change in fashion and latest trends. But only stud earrings are classic and simple jewelry that can be considered as a persistent fashion and all-time favorite style. These are suitable for those individuals who want to find various types of ear jewelry at affordable prices. There are different kinds of stud earrings that are in the trend today:


Stud jewelry is the only type of jewelry that suits most of the outfits and almost all occasions and so is with the case of Diamonds. When nicely cut diamonds are placed in stud set, they add sparkle to the ears. The versatility of these diamond studs makes them beautiful to wear that suits all type of outfits, adding sparkle and fire to the look. For a brilliant look, diamonds of grade I-J color and SI2 in clarity is recommended. You can find various designs and patterns of diamond stud earrings in the market all around the world at a very reasonable price.


Gemstone studs have raised its remarkable popularity in the market today, especially among the girls. The reason behind is that you get more design options in these types of studs. They come with precious or semi-precious or virtual gems placed in the stud set. Gem studs are suitable for occasions where you need to look more formal. These studs add more spark and color to your look than the diamond studs. Pearl gems are one common type of gem studs that make you look classic, natural and elegant.


Metal studs are comparatively more casual and inexpensive than the other two variants and are easier to maintain. In the simplest form, they come with a metal ball attached to the post. Metal studs are usually found in different types consisting of silver, gold or steel variations. These are preferred more because they are suitable for both the formal and casual occasions and are less expensive than other types. These are also better suited for night wears. Metal studs are not suitable for those who are allergic to certain metals.


Plastic studs are the most common type popular amongst both men and women. These come with numerous shapes including the daily life objects. These are suited for daily wear and more informal occasions. Girls often prefer to wear them as a matching to their outfit. These are the most inexpensive type of earrings and very light in weight.

Which Diamond Stud is Best For Me?

People often get confused when it comes to buy jewelry, especially in case of women as it is a tricky task. Here are some of the tips that would help you to buy perfect diamond stud earrings for you.
  1. Perfect Size for you: What size will suit you depends upon certain factors. One important factor is your personal style like what do you usually prefer to wear-formals, casuals, dresses, etc. Another factor that decides the perfect size is the carat weight you need your earrings to be.
  2. Perfect cut for you: It is better to determine which diamond cut will suit you the best. There is wide variety of diamond shapes available in the market today. The cut and color of the diamond should be considered before buying them, no matter what size fits to your need. The common shape of diamond includes round brilliant that suit almost all types of faces. Other options may be princess, emerald cuts.
  3. Perfect Quality: Diamonds are rated on the basis of four C’s- Cut, carat, color and clarity. The more the colorless a Diamond is, the more its price is. The faults in a diamond determine the clarity of the diamond. Some diamonds may have few flaws that are visible when magnified while others have no flaws. These factors will help you in deciding what quality you need in your Diamond studs.
  4. Diamond that fits to your pocket: Depending on the 4 C’s, the price of Diamond varies highly. A flawless, colorless large diamonds are expensive. So, it is upon you and your budget that would decide the perfect piece of diamond stud earrings for you.

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