Item Name : 2.25 MM Classic Solitaire Setting

Stock ID : Solit16

Price : $225

Item Name : Engagement Ring

Stock ID : CRD7807

Price : $300

Item Name : 14K/18K/Plat Classic Solitaire

Stock ID : solit1

Price : $325

Item Name : 14K/18K Yellow Gold Classic Solitaire

Stock ID : solit2

Price : $325

Item Name : solit13

Stock ID : Solit12

Price : $325

Item Name : Cathedral Style Solitaire

Stock ID : cath1

Price : $325

Item Name : Half Bezel Engagement Ring

Stock ID : CRD7243

Price : $325

Item Name : Solitaire Engagement Ring

Stock ID : CRD7856

Price : $325

Item Name : Cathedral Style Engagement Ring

Stock ID : Solit25

Price : $325

Item Name : 3 MM Cathedral Engagement Ring

Stock ID : crd2130

Price : $325 - 975

Item Name : Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Stock ID : solit20

Price : $350

Item Name : Engagement Ring

Stock ID : CRD517

Price : $350

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Solitaire Styles

An engagement ring is the most romantic token of love that a man can present to a woman. It is exciting to explore how traditional customary rings can be given a modern edge. Style and sophistication remains important to contemporary couples and can be provided in the backdrop of a various diamond cuts.

In a modern style solitaire engagement ring, there are shape choices. From the usual rounds, squares to the more detailed prong set, princess cut and cathedral style, diamond solitaire engagement rings are now available in beautiful and elegant designs.

Solitaire engagement rings remain traditional in style, and contain a band with a single gem, which, in most cases is a diamond. This stone may be held in place by a four prong or eight prong setting, depending on the size of the diamond. Also, there are choices in the band metal yellow gold, silver, white gold, platinum and sometimes a mix of white and yellow gold.

Solitaires can be simple as well as elaborated as you like, but they constantly tend to stand out from among other rings with their timelessness, elegance and beauty. And, here's what we at Cut Rate Diamonds have for you:

Classic Solitaire Rings

Since ages gone by, women have always loved classic solitaire or traditional solitaire rings for their engagements. These rings usually feature four prong settings. You can have them in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. They look best when the rings are kept sleek to bring out the beauty of the diamonds.

Modern Solitaire Rings

Modern solitaire rings are meant to bridge the gap between the preferences of the many people and what the classic rings can't offer them. They come with unique features and designs, which are artistically pleasing. They come in several size bands with intricate designs with several types of crossings and branching.

Rings with Different Solitaire Cuts

The band of the ring alone is not the most dynamic part of a ring; instead it is the solitaire diamond that can be cut in several shapes and styles to enhance light refraction through the diamonds. Some of the most popular designs that we have in store for you are:

  1. The teardrop pear shaped diamonds have rounded edges on one end, and taper on the other. You can choose from elongated or wide shapes to complement different finger sizes from thick to slim fingers.

  2. Solitaire diamond rings look stunning in cushion cut diamonds, which can be in the shape of squares and rectangles. Such diamonds have 58 large facets for improved clarity. Their rounded corners and large facets give these diamonds the shape of cushions or pillows.

  3. The most common of all solitaire engagement rings use round cut diamonds. Their brilliance is unmatched, due to the 50' facets that help in controlling the color and shine you desire.

  4. Lastly, a design that has been steadily picking pace is the princess cut. A traditional princess cut diamond has a square shape, but modern designs are also using rectangular diamonds for the rings. Its uncut corners give it a sharp appearance and its pavilion facets give a brilliant sparkle.
So, no matter what the solitaire ring settings is you want for her, we at Cut Rate Diamonds, have it all. From Celebrity engagement rings, to the simple solitaire engagement rings you need not any look to complement the ring; you can also order matching diamond solitaire earrings.

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