Radiant Cut Diamonds

There are so many traditional engagement ring choices to choose from. Though, not really traditional selection, radiant cut diamond engagement rings are very popular these days amid all fashionable brides-to-be.

The radiant cut diamond engagement rings are really famous among women with a craving for traditional round brilliant cut diamond rings, or fiery emerald cut rings. This is simply because most square or rectangular cut diamonds don't really reflect the grace of round brilliant cut so radiant cut.

What is a Radiant Cut Diamond?

  1. Radiant Cut Diamonds are the first square cut diamonds to get a completely vibrant and lively shape with cropped corners.

  2. It is referred to as a bridge between a cushion cut and princess cut diamond. Therefore it looks best when set between both round and square cornered gems.

  3. Due to the difference in design, Radiant cut diamonds look smaller from the top position than other diamonds even if the weight is same.

Types of Radiant Cut Diamonds

There are a few preferences customers have when it comes to shape of a radiant cut diamond. The shapes may wary from perfectly square with cropped corners to rectangular radiant cut diamonds.

  1. Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond

    A rectangular radiant cut is an excellent option for customers looking for an emerald cut shape on the diamond, with a brilliance of round.

  2. Square Radiant Cut Diamond

    Square radiant cut matches the princess cut in every aspect, except that the corners of the square cut diamond are cropped. However, a princess cut and square radiant cut diamonds look similar in the ring because the prongs cover the cropped corners of the square cut.

Why Choose Cut Rate Diamonds?

We at Cut Rate Diamonds offer you the best rectangular radiant cut and square radiant cut diamonds to match your needs and requirements for all occasions.

It is important that when you are interested in purchasing a square radiant cut diamond or any other style radiant cut diamond, you should get the diamond inspected (more so when you happen to purchase it online). You should contact a diamond consultant and get the diamond reviewed on your behalf.

There aren't many online diamond stores that will give you the facility to get the diamonds shipped for testing before purchase. This is where Cut Rate Diamonds comes in.

Offering the best quality diamonds gives us the leverage to send a prospective customer with a radiant cut diamond to test. This feature has helped us as win our customers' hearts, who have never complained to us about the diamonds we have sold to them.

Besides the regular radiant cut diamond engagement rings, we also specialize in 2 carat radiant cut diamond ring and radiant cut diamond with halo, which customers can buy at the most affordable rates from us.

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