Item Name : Onyx & Diamond Band

Stock ID : 65517

Price : $1131.40

Item Name : 7mm Plat Comfort Fit Design Band

Stock ID : 50154

Price : $1550

Item Name : Classic 14K Wedding Band

Stock ID : 3mmwg

Price : $325

Item Name : 14K White Gold 3mm Flat Wedding Band

Stock ID : 3mmpipe

Price : $325

Item Name : 14K White Gold Satin Finish Wedding Band

Stock ID : satin3mm

Price : $355

Item Name : 14K White Gold 4mm Miligrain Wedding Band

Stock ID : 4mmmiligrain

Price : $375

Item Name : 14K White Gold 4mm Hammer Finished Wedding Band

Stock ID : 4mmhammer

Price : $375

Item Name : 14K 6mm Wedding Band

Stock ID : 6mmwb

Price : $425

Item Name : 14K White Gold 6mm Hammer Finished Wedding Band

Stock ID : 6mmhammer

Price : $425

Item Name : 14K White Gold 6mm Flat wedding Band

Stock ID : 6mmpipe

Price : $425

Item Name : 14K White Gold 6mm Miligrain Wedding band

Stock ID : 6mmmiligrain

Price : $450

Item Name : 14K White Gold 6mm Satin Finish wedding band

Stock ID : 6mmsatin

Price : $475

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Men's Diamond Bands

Men's wedding bands with diamonds are one of the most elegant pieces of men's jewellary. Although diamonds have always been known as a girl's best friend, now men have also started appreciating their beauty and don't hesitate in wearing stylish diamond ring bands on their fingers. Gone are the days when only celebrity men such as actors and pop stars were seen wearing them. Depending on the types of diamonds used and how they are set, diamonds can also become the best friends of men.

At Cut Rate Diamonds, we now feature an exclusive range of diamond wedding bands for men. They come in unique designs and styles, and are perfectly suited to look good on men. Bold in design, hard wearing, and rugged, our men wedding bands with diamonds symbolize success and power, and embody elegance and grace that remains unmatched. Traditionally wedding bands have always been solid rings crafted in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Past trends also reveal that traditionally men preferred to have matching gemstone in their wedding bands, as were seen on their weddings rings. Gemstones are solid and symbolize eternity and fidelity.

However, with changing times, men have starting resenting regular diamonds for their feminine looks. That is why we bring you a collection of the best black diamond wedding bands for men, besides featuring regular diamond wedding bands for men.

Selecting a ring for women is probably easier than selecting one for men, and so here are a few points to keep in mind, before choosing between a black diamond band and regular diamond band for men:
Diamonds come in many colors, and the most common are the white or transparent diamonds that sparkle well by refracting light through their cuts. Besides this, diamonds also come in yellow and sometimes in brown color. Rarely are diamonds seen in colors like red, pink, purple, and others. Black diamonds are increasingly becoming popular as men think them to be more rugged and hard wearing.

Rare Diamonds

Black diamonds are rare to come across and this is the reason why no two diamonds will ever have the same shape and size. Regular diamonds are can be used more innovatively on wedding bands, but they lose out on uniqueness. A black diamond band can be the most unique accessories which men won't hesitate to wear all the time.

Different Setting of Wedding Bands for Men

Whether it is black or regular diamonds, for men's wedding bands pave setting is the most common. It is elegant and sophisticated and also makes the beauty of the diamonds stand out.

Ring Styles

Like women's rings have no limit to the designs and styles they come in, men's bands too come in a number of styles. From classic pain metal bands, to extensively engraved bands, modern men can choose from a number of options. Pairing traditional wedding bands with black diamond gives them new dimensions, making them more manly, stylish, and fancier. Women are also choosing to complement these rings with black diamond chains. At Cut Rate Diamonds, black diamond men's wedding bands are available at affordable and outstanding styles. Our rings are the perfect gifts for your beloved. We also have wedding band collections for women. You can now visit us for wedding bands for both her and him, and choose from our exquisite collection of rings as a present for a lifetime. For more on men wedding bands with diamonds, feel free to call us toll free number 1-(866)866-9920. You can also email us at