Item Name : 1.00CTW Princess Cut Wedding Band 14K

Stock ID : JDR03Y-99

Price : $1495

Item Name : 1.00CTW Princess & Baguette Wedding Band

Stock ID : JDR68W-99

Price : $1527.5

Item Name : 1.00CTW Diamond Wedding Band 14K

Stock ID : JDR53Y-99

Price : $1527.5

Item Name : Invisible Princess Cut Wedding Band

Stock ID : J9386DWR4W

Price : $1592.5

Item Name : 1.00CTW Round Diamond Wedding Band

Stock ID : JDR51W-99

Price : $1755

Item Name : 1.25CTW Princess & Baguette Wedding Band

Stock ID : JDR68Y-124

Price : $1787.5

Item Name : 1.25CTW Princess Cut Wedding Band

Stock ID : JDR03W-124

Price : $1885

Item Name : Thin 2.5 mm Princess Cut Channel Set Wedding Band

Stock ID : 1465005

Price : $1885

Item Name : Eternity Wedding Band Milgrain Edges 2.3 mm

Stock ID : 33537744

Price : $1885

Item Name : 493791 Channel Set Princess Cut Wedding Band

Stock ID : 493791

Price : $1885

Item Name : 1.00CTW Baguette Wedding Band

Stock ID : JDR02W-99

Price : $2041

Item Name : Thin Eternity Band 2.1mm .80 CTW

Stock ID : 36190345

Price : $2145

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Wedding Bands for Her

Possibly the simplest expression of love, the history of a wedding band dates back to the Egyptians. They considered its round, empty center as a symbol of being the gateway to all the events that are in store for the couple about to tie the knot. And today, the world over couples exchange wedding bands as a token of love and as a mark of lifelong commitment to each other.

At Cut Rate Diamonds, we bring you a vast collection of wedding bands for her in unique and everlasting deigns, the bands similar to which are hard to find. We understand that wedding bands have to be timeless and a long lasting symbol of your love for her.
loose diamond search Our collection of unique wedding bands has several designs, in different metals, with different gems cut and set differently. Since she'll be wearing the wedding band for the rest of her life, you'll want to make sure to get it right.

From contemporary to classic, and from traditional to modern, we have unique wedding bands for women. They come in many styles: vintage wedding bands, antique wedding bands, eternity wedding bands, which can be made in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Styles of Wedding Bands for Her

Choosing the right wedding band can be a daunting task. The number of choices offered are plenty and not all beautiful rings will appeal equally to everyone. Let your instincts guide you. Wedding bands come in several styles and designs. While the traditional plain gold wedding bands will stand for years to come, if that's too plain, consider anything which has beaded edges or an engraved style. For the more fashion savvy partners, you can go for channel cut set diamonds, prong set, etc. Moreover you can also get them custom made, by getting your names engraved on the ring, or even order for different designs to suit your choices.

Choice Between Gold, Silver and Platinum

There is a slight difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band. Whereas the band can be worn all the time, a ring can become more elaborate to wear every day. Couples may have them both, and match the metal of the bands with the ring. However, there is no hard rule for what to follow. Primary wedding bands metal choices include:


Yellow gold is the most traditional metal and the symbol of warmth and love. Gold bands can be made in either 14K white or 14K yellow.


Platinum wedding bands for women are highly stylish and impressive. Platinum is the hardest metal and is symbol of enduring love that will last through ages and stand all the tests of time. Being non-reactive with the skin, it is also best for people who suffer from allergies. If the time for your wedding is near, order wedding bands online. At Cut Rate Diamonds, we offer you a vast collection of diamond wedding bands for women that will not only touch your beloved's heart, it will make her fall in love all over again.

If you want to change your wedding band to a new shining diamond ring, you can sell your diamond ring or wedding band to us at competitive prices. To know more, click here.

For more on wedding bands, feel free to call us at 1-(866)866-9920. You can also email us at