Item Name : Heart Shaped Bezel Engagement Ring

Stock ID : 714465

Price : $1325

Item Name : 1/3 CTW Pave Halo Setting Ring for Oval

Stock ID : 493787

Price : $1350

Item Name : Asscher Cut Bezel Diamond Halo

Stock ID : 81108

Price : $1625

Item Name : Thin Round Halo Split Shank

Stock ID : 264783

Price : $1750

Item Name : Halo Engagement Ring

Stock ID : 33689818

Price : $1750

Item Name : Radiant Cut Halo

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Price : $1850

Item Name : Square Radiant Halo

Stock ID : 36067428

Price : $1850

Item Name : Thin Split Shank Princess Cut Halo

Stock ID : 264782

Price : $1850

Item Name : Micro-Pave Halo & Tapered baguette Engagement Ring

Stock ID : 33952502

Price : $1850

Item Name : Cushion Bezel Halo

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Price : $2250

Item Name : Micro-Pave halo Swirl Engagement Ring

Stock ID : 37828456

Price : $2250

Item Name : 18K Micro Pave Halo with Split Shank 1.40 ctw

Stock ID : 42391020

Price : $2350

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Halo Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, therefore the best gift a man can present to a woman to mark his lifelong love is a diamond. Similarly, women can also gift men diamonds to show their appreciation and love. In either case, diamonds make for the best gifts, but what kind of diamond or what type of diamond rings or necklace to gift can be a demanding task, considering there are so many options to choose from both offline and online.

In such a scenario, halo style engagement rings from Cut Rate Diamonds have become a really popular option for women. Women with an eye for fashion, who believe in staying away from anything too modern, have found refuge in our vintage styled halo engagement rings.

What is Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo rings are basically a circle of micro-pave diamonds which surround the central diamond. Any diamond from round, asscher, princess, cushion, oval or emerald shaped can be used as the center diamond in the halo rings. The center diamond appears enlarged by as much as by half a carat or more. Our bridal jewelry designers at Cut Rate Diamonds have created a range of diamond halo engagement rings, especially for wedding couples.
loose diamond search We at Cut Rate Diamonds have various styles ranging from vintage to classic and glamorous rings. Our halo style rings are some of the most gorgeous you will find in the market, and are available from our online store at a price that's most competitive. Halo engagement ring settings feature a center diamond completely encircled with some of the finest smaller accent diamonds that will surely capture every woman's heart. To add more detail and also allow you to customize engagement ring styles to your need, each of our halo engagement rings are handcrafted to perfection. We do offer rings with other rare gemstones in the center, but our diamond halo engagement ring is the most popular.

Our engagement ring styles are much-sought after choice for most to-be brides who have a desire to adorn rings that have been favored by rock stars and actresses in the recent years. Thanks to our assortment of micro-pave diamonds around a great center diamond, our rings have an awesome bling that you won't even find in a solitaire – a reason the halo rings have also been a hit with red carpet royalties in the recent years.

Buying a Halo Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your engagement!
Now that you are looking for an engagement ring, we at Cut Rate Diamonds have a large collection to cater to your needs. However, if she (would be bride) has an eye for fashion with a slight retro incline, our halo engagement ring styles can be an option worth thinking. Halo ring is a popular choice because it offers a perfect blend of high fashion and classic elegance.

Halo style engagement rings have been in the scene since the Victorian era, but the halo engagement setting styles have become really popular bridal choice in the past few years because of a surge of celebrity interest in the halo rings. We at Cut Rate Diamonds offer our customers an option to customize your own halo engagement rings. The benefit of customized setting is that the style you chose allows you to accommodate the range of gemstones you want in a style you want your bride to adorn.

To know more about Halo Engagement rings, click here.

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