Cushion Cut Diamond

One of the oldest diamond shape settings that first appeared around 300 years ago was the Cushion cut diamond. Many people also refer to these classic cushion diamonds as pillow diamonds as it combines a square cut with rounded corners. In the beginning, this shape became popular as it was the only suitable and practical alternate to round cut.

With the passage of years, and progress of technology, these cushion diamonds have been further refined to look more exotic and exquisite. Initially, squares and rectangles were easier to crack, but it was the rounds which troubled diamond designers, who wouldn't achieve it without damaging the edges. But, today these diamonds do have smooth rounded edges, which look much prettier.

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

Cushion cut are considered by many to be vintage and antique for their rounded edges and large facets. These diamonds are often seen in ancient pictures, worn by queens and other royal women. Even today they are commonly available as squares and rectangles.

Length to width guide- cushion cut diamonds

They feature large facets, which highlights their clarity. If you want your cushion diamond cut to look the best, pay careful attention to its length and width ratio. The best length and width ratio for square cut diamonds is between 1 and 1.05, while that for rectangles is above 1.15.

  1. Larger the facets, better light refraction and brighter the diamond.

  2. Smaller the facets, lesser the shine and diamond look like crushed ice.

So, if your beloved is more interested in the ancient and vintage jewelry; impress him/her with a cushion cut diamond wedding ring.

At Cut Rate Diamonds, we not only have an exclusive collection of cushion cut rings, but also feature a range of exquisite cushions cut diamond jewelry, including cushion cut earrings, necklaces, and several other jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, etc. studded with cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion Cut Diamond Guide

Cushion cut jewelry comes at a premium price because of their rarity and their special status among diamonds. But apart from this too, there are several aspects that differentiate these.

  1. A unique aspect of cushion cut ornaments is that there are no two diamonds that appear to be same. Each diamond has a unique shape hence they are featured in the category of rare jewels. So you must choose the shape wisely.

Length to width guide- cushion cut diamonds

  1. Prices of the rings vary according to the shape and sizes of the diamonds. For example, price of a round and an emerald cushion cut is likely to vary even when other things like their carat weight are same.

  2. These diamonds are not well designed to optimize sparkle; therefore, always select cushion cut diamonds of the highest quality, and clarity grades that are VS1-2 or above. Besides this, also ensure to select color grades of G-I and preferably 1 carat cushion cut diamonds, or less.

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